Singapore Manufacturing Federation – Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO)

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) has been appointed by SPRING Singapore as the Standards Development Organisation (SDO) for Standard Committees dated back in 1st April 2011.

As on 1st April 2014 Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) has been appointed by SPRING Singapore (currently known as Enterprise Singapore) to administer standards development works on four Standards Committees. The Four Standards Committees, namely:

  • Biomedical and Health Standards Committee (BHSC)
  • Food Standards Committee (FSC)
  • Quality and Safety Standards Committee (QSSC)
  • Manufacturing Standards Committee (MSC)


SMF-SDO administers the development, promotion and implementation of standards in these areas to meet the needs of industry and regulators. SMF-SDO is guided by the industry-led Singapore Standards Council, which provides advice on the directions, policies, strategies and priorities for the Singapore Standardisation Programme, managed by Enterprise Singapore, the national standards body.

SMF-SDO Steering Committee


Chairman, SMF-SDO Steering Committee

  • Mr Tan Boon Chong, Individual Capacity

Industry Representatives

  • Mr Cheong Chung Kin, Food & Beverages Industry Group, SMF
  • Ms Heidi Goh, Medical Technology Industry Group, SMF
  • Mr Brandon Lee, Smart Automation Industry Group, SMF
  • Mr Sze Thiam Siong, Electrical, Electronics & Allied Industry Industry Group, SMF
  • Mr Birch Sio, Health, Safety, Security & Environment Function Committee, SMF

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) Representative

  • Dr Ahmad Magad, Secretary General, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

Standards Committee Representatives

  • Dr Yong Chern Chet, Chairman, BHSC
  • Dr Allan Lim, Chairman, FSC
  • Er Go Heng Huat, Chairman, QSSC
  • Dr John Yong Ming Shyan, Chairman, MSC

Enterprise Singapore Representatives

  • Mr Sim Choon Siong
  • Mr Cheong Tak Leong


  • Mr Choi Kwok Keong